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AVA supports National Coalition for Independent Action, Don't Cut Us Out West Sussex, NAVCA, Living Wage Foundation and Keep Volunteering Voluntary

This year's International Neighbours Event will be on Saturday 3rd October and not as originally stated 27th June. This change is due to the Community Centre building works.

 Good news! Thanks to the support of Adur District Council, Dial-a-Ride services currently available in Worthing will over the next few months become available across Adur too.  Contact AVA for an update 

Why face-to-face contact matters

Take a look at Susan Pinker's "The Village Effect: Why Face to Face Contact Matters", Atlantic, 2015.

Meticulously researched, Pinker's book spells out the fundamentals of why locally rooted voluntary action is so important to our health. Next time we are called to justify the value of our contribution, and why voluntary action should be funded, this is the book to quote! Copy available in AVA offices. 

 What kind of  future  for voluntary action? 
An independent mission: the voluntary sector in 2015 
Baring Foundation, Independence Panel, The Panel's fourth and final annual assessment. 

Download this important topical report here:  

The great non-discussion of voluntary action's future: a review of four 2015 reports

AVA's Chief Officer discusses four recent reports dealing with the future for voluntary action, and recommends a need for deep critical thinking at a local level before any proposals are adopted or agreed

Download from here: The great non-debate 2015 final version.docx

Article in NAVCA News June 2015: NAVCA_News_article_2015.docx 


Adur Access and Mobility Group, 10.15am  Friday 31st July, Adur Civic Centre, Members' Room 

Adur Community Network 1st October The Old School House: Julia Lilliewhite to speak on Churches Against Poverty

AdurCommunity Network, 10th December, The Old School House: Susan Saunders to speak about Adur Lions Club 

Adur i-pad club first Monday of the month,  10-12 Old School House

Adur Community Network 12.30 Old School House  23 July, Speaker Margaret Guest, Don't  Cut Us Out West SussexSORRY CANCELLED

Lancing Village Action, ipad club, first Saturday of each month