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AVA supports National Coalition for Independent Action, Don't Cut Us Out West Sussex, NAVCA, Living Wage Foundation and Keep Volunteering Voluntary 

From Don't Cut Us Out

AVA is preparing a press release and mailing on this, as agreed at our recent AGM.

Meanwhile, here is a mailing from Don't Cut Us Out

Don't Cut Us Out is supporting a demonstration being held at the offices of Coastal West Sussex CCG on Wednesday 26th November at 1.45pm.

This is at 1 The Causeway, Worthing (next to Durrington-on-Sea railway station)

This protest is being organised to stop commissioners handing over an NHS contract worth £235m to a new Central Surrey Health/Bupa "social enterprise" with potential  dire consequences for trauma services predicted by doctors and other health care professionals.

We have reached a critical time now to save our NHS. This is not so much privatisation by the back-door, as smashing down the front door with a sledgehammer. Nye Bevan, founder of the NHS, said that it would remain as long as there were folk with the faith to fight for it. Now is the time for us to show that faith.

Claims by out of touch politicians that the NHS is too bureaucratic, and not outcome based is a lie. On every important measure, including outcomes, our NHS ranks as the greatest healthcare system in the world. That's the verdict according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and The Commonwealth Fund

So please join Don't Cut Us Out, HealthAlert, 38 Degrees, Keep our NHS Public and many other campaigners, health professionals and individuals with the faith to fight for our NHS, next Wednesday at 1.45 pm.

Please share the leaflet attached and visit our website for more information, or follow us on twitter and facebook.

Best Wishes,

Don't Cut Us Out.




Peoples Health Trust Annual Review 2014 profiles Lancing Village Action 

Voluntary action is about co-operation not competition

Rediscover a sense of place

It's good to see two recent books exploring some of the key values which steer AVA's approach to its challenges. Copies available on loan from AVA office




AVA AGM 2014

Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM on 31 October and helped to make it such a vibrant and convivial occasion. Take a look at the photographs on our Facebook page.

There was a lively discussion about the choice by Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group of BUPA as their preferred contractor to deliver future musculosceletal services. The meeting resolved that AVA should support the campaign promoted in the Shoreham Herald, and campaign against any changes which in the view of local people undermine quality of service, or access to services. Please will anyone interested in participating in this contact AVA.

Be part of our shared and creative future

AVA is looking closely at ways in which we can strengthen our dialogue and relationships with local people and groups. This will mean that our Volunteer Centre will be maintaining contact with everyone who approaches us as a potential volunteer, either with AVA or any other local organisation. We are interested in whether our support helps you, whether you find a rewarding role, and any other help we can offer. We are talking dialogue, not a one-off encounter. 

AVA will also be keeping in more frequent touch with organisations who register with our volunteer centre and who wish to recruit volunteers to help in their work. We want to know if we can work together more closely to support ourselves and our volunteers, by provision of training, learning opportunities, mentoring or other forms of mutual aid. We are also extending our local outreach centres right across Adur, offering local contact points for potential volunteers, members of the public and voluntary organisations which span Adur from Sompting to Fishersgate. The Shoreham and Lancing outreach points are run directly by AVA's own staff and volunteers, whilst the outreach point in Sompting is operated by Sompting Big Local, whose objectives are very similar to those of AVA, and whose team will be able to refer issues to AVA whenever appropriate. We are also planning a presence in Fishersgate very shortly.

So in three  ways AVA is moving closer to local people, local organisations and local issues. Call in and talk with us, share your skills and benefit from the wide pool of experience available within Adur's communities. Help AVA work with you, and in turn, please do all you can to promote and support AVA.


AVA meeting to discuss our response to local NHS plans  10am 19th November The Old School House Shoreham by Sea  Contact Sarah Leeding at AVA  

Adur i-pad club Wednesday 8 October 10-12 Old School House and every other week same day

Adur Community Network November  20th meeting  12.30 Old School House talk by The Corner House (Shoreham and District Association for Mental Health)

Adur Community Network January 22nd  meeting  12.30 Old School House speaker Martin Ladbrook on Charity Insurance.

Adur Community Network Mar ch 26th meeting 12.30 Old School House speaker Graham McKindy, Lottery Heritage Fund

Adur Access & Mobility Group  November 28th, Members' Room, Lancing Civic Centre, 10.30am