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West Sussex Coastal NHS Services

BUPA CSH Withdraws from Musculoskeletal Procurement

££££  spent on abortive tendering process

Personal thinkpiece by Adrian Barritt, AVA Chief Officer

I refer to a number of internet links, and strongly suggest that readers examine them quickly in case they are taken down. This particularly relates to webcasts of meetings, because the written minutes fail to record important details.

The Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning group felt last year that it needed to respond to the Health and Social Care Act 2012, and its own legal advice, and embark on a procurement process for delivery of musculoskeletal services, because the existing service was perceived as "inefficient". This legal advice contradicted that reportedly given to the current providers, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust and Sussex Community NHS Trust (see webcast of meeting of West Sussex Health and Social Care Select Committee:

A selection of preferred bidder was made by the CCG, being a partnership between CSH Surrey and BUPA.  BUPA CSH exists "to provide health and care to patients of the NHS", the legal status of this partnership being unclear. CSH Surrey is a "employee-owned social enterprise" that is "rooted in the NHS.", but legally a private company Registered Number 5700920, and not recorded as a ccmmunity interest company, or a co-operative. Hence it is unclear what "social enterprise" means in its case (see: ). BUPA is a "global healthcare leader with over 20 years' experience of working with the NHS" and legally a provident association, selling private health care insurance contracts. Research by AVA has revealed potential conflicts of interest amongst those associated with BUPA CSH. Two of the non-executive directors of CSH currently hold (or have in the past held) senior positions with BUPA. The founder and director of CSH Surrey,  is also a member of the Clinical Senate Council for Sussex, which is funded by NHS England to advise CCGs in the area of "strategic independent advice on South East Coast health care issues, to support commissioners make their decisions that will transform the quality, experience and better integration of patient care".

This choice of contractor however raised a local storm, promoted by the local press, community groups, trades unions and some political parties. Don't Cut Us Out West Sussex organised a highly effective protest at the December CCG Board Meeting. Adur Voluntary Action's November AGM voted to join in these protests  because of concerns about the future for services delivered from Southlands Hospital, and the impact of allocation of such a large proportion of CCG funds upon other health care providers. Travel times, for patients and relatives from Adur, is a particular concern because of our location in the far east of the County.An impact study was commissioned by the CCG  to Price Waterhouse Coopers, and this confirmed potentially massive financial impacts on the Western Sussex Hospitals Trust (see:

Finally on 26 January, BUPA CSH announced withdrawal from the procurement. If the issues identified by the independent impact study were to be resolved, it appears they felt that the contract was not viable for them to take on. So much financial information is unavailable because of commercial confidentiality that the public cannot examine the rationale for this, so we don't know to what extent public concern and protest, or the findings of the impact study, were influential in BUPA CSH's withdrawal.  The concern of the public was robustly handled by the CCG, who set up a website to field queries: (see

So, large amounts of public money, and BUPA CSH funds (presumably mostly BUPA's) have been wasted on this banale process. AVA has queried whether the implications of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 had been fully considered but has never seen any details of how this was handled. But this Act demands that full attention must be given in public sector procurement and tendering processes to the social value of a contract. "Social Value" means the added value (or lost value) to local communities, employment, other public services, of awarding a contract to a particular provider. Enough said?

Now there is nothing illegal or intentionally immoral about this sorry tale. Everyone has been doing what they believe to be the right, correct, legal thing, in the interests of quality health care. The unintentional shambles that has resulted strikes the writer as symptomatic of the hazards of marketization of the NHS. Surely, the NHS should be about delivering good health care, not spending its time wallowing in this morass created by dead economists who will never have to live with the human consequences of their bankrupt theorising? It's time for a change, and now represents a good opportunity for Coastal West Sussex CCG to lead off.

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