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Closure of Adur Outdoor Activity Centre
The statement from the Centre

Adur Outdoor Activities Centre

For and on behalf of AOAC Board and Chairman

The Adur Outdoor Activities Centre Trust is saddened to say that it will cease trading on or about the 29th October 2015.

The background to this is that following changes made by West Sussex County Council Youth Service in 2012, staffing support was withdrawn from the Centre. After three years of working very hard to remain viable we have now reached the unfortunate situation of outgoings exceeding income for the current activities the Centre provides, which has drained the reserves to a level where it is no longer sustainable to continue without substantial investment in new facilities that will attract more customers.

We very much hope that despite the challenges faced the Centre will be able to provide activities for the community in Adur sometime in the future.

AOAC Trust

Sad news indeed, and the Centre are not alone. The local community needs to be asking - Who gains from this? Who loses? Why? Any - why, oh why, does every impossible task or project almost set up to fail have to be described as a "challenge"? Unremitting optimism can get to be wearing (and unreal).


 After ten year's membership, AVA was  pleased and proud to attend the final Directors' meeting on 3rd December of National Coalition for Independent Action. NCIA's message has been clearly researched and expressed. It's there, awaiting attention as pressures and constraints increase on the world of voluntary action.

 Adur Community Network, 10th December, The Old School House: Susan Saunders to speak about Adur Lions Club 

Adur i-pad club first Monday of the month,  10-12 Old School House 

Lancing Village Action, ipad club, first Saturday of each month 

Adur Churches Forum Annual Conference 23rd November Southwick. "Building the Good Society in Adur" with speakers from Churches Against Poverty and Campaign for Social Justice/Centre for Welfare Reform