Our vision

We want there to be: Connected, caring and cooperative communities across Adur.

What we do At the heart of Adur, we promote togetherness by connecting people with local volunteering opportunities & organisations. We support charities, Community Interest Companies (CIC’s) and social enterprise groups to develop sustainably and find ways to give communities a voice. How Volunteer Centre  We run our Adur wide volunteer centre from the Co-Op Meeting Space on Ham Road, Shoreham. You can pop in and speak to the team about any Adur volunteering opportunities. We also offer set-up and running support for small to mid-sized charities, CIC’s and social enterprises. Additional services include our bank account hosting service for groups and  governance, monitoring and charity adherence advice. AVA Membership We are a membership organisation and encourage users of our services to join AVA (free). However, our mission is to support voluntary and community groups and we will offer our support irrespective of actual membership status. Speak to Sarah Leeding to learn more. 
Our members give and share
  • Their local knowledge, energy, experience and skill
  • Their interest in co-operation rather than competition
  • Their support for their local community
Our members receive
  • Mutual support, ideas, skill share and advice from other members
  • Advice and support for their organisations
  • Adur Voice (our newsletter) monthly
Achieved through our values
We courageously stand up for our values, because they are the DNA for HOW we do things: ava our values ava annual report AVA Annual Report 2019-21 available to view and download report