VCS Emergencies Partnership, Local Information Network (EP LIN)

The partnership is a government supported initiative between national and local voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations.  Evolving from the pandemic the Emergencies Partnership recognises the crucial role that the voluntary sector has played, both nationally and locally, to support those in need.

Crawley Community Action are, in terms of the Emergencies Partnership structure, acting as the Lead body for East and West Sussex.  All the other VCS infrastructure support agencies in Sussex, of which AVA is one, are involved in the ongoing appraisal of needs at local level and feeding this up via the ‘Local Information Network’ (LIN) strand of the project.

To that end we variously liaise with a number of voluntary and community groups in our area around a wide range of domestic, social, health, employment, housing and financial matters which is then used to inform the wider VCS sector and ultimately national government.

For further information contact Cat, tel: 01273 031520, or email:

Adur Community Network (ACN)

ACN meets every bi-monthly to discuss matters of mutual interest to the sector and to share information, knowledge and contacts.  Anyone involved in community life locally is welcome to  join the network and attend meetings.  Occasional speakers on topics of interest to the sector are invited along as occasion demands. 

For details of future meetings, contact: Sarah Leeding 01273 031520.


AVA has a bi-weekly newsletter, find out more here Adur Voice