Coronavirus Update

Summary of the PM’s recent amendments to the lock-down restrictions

With the underlying assumption that a resurgence in cases/deaths will throw this off track these are the key points from his announcement…

  • New COVID warning system: on a scale of 1-5, with level 1 being no COVID in the country and level 5 being the highest level of risk. Lots of speculation that we could have regional variations to take account of different levels of infection.
  • Work: manufacturing and construction back to work where possible – but travel by private car, bike or on foot rather than using public transport.
  • Schools: efforts to re-open schools to some year groups at the start of June.
  • Retail: hopefully some shops to open at the start of June.
  • Hospitality: set your sights on a cold drink in a warm beer garden around the start of July.
  • Leaving the house: from Wednesday, you can now leave the house for unlimited exercise (including travelling to exercise) and sitting out in parks.
  • Quarantine: air travellers possibly to face 14 day quarantine on arriving into the country (doesn’t apply to travellers from Ireland or France).

How these changes will affect the VCSE sector will vary for individual organisations and depend on what sort of work they do, whether the opening up of retail will include charity shops (and what the guidance on managing a retail outlet will look like). how community cafes and community centres are treated. and a host of other questions.

General advice and support

Latest government advice on safeguarding and DBS (disclosure and barring service) check guidance for community volunteers can be found at…/safeguarding-and-dbs-factsheet-faqs

Government advice on do’s and don’ts for volunteer and pop-up groups, see…/coronavirus-how-to-help-safely#can-i-help

Information from Adur and Worthing councils can be found at

A Southern Cross Covid-19 support group has been formed on Facebook covering the following area:

Southern Cross

For further information look at or email

Video animations to support your work

VODA works in the north-east of England, supporting the work of voluntary and community sector groups.

As part of their coronavirus response, 4 really useful video animations have been produced:

With grateful thanks to Robin Fry of VODA.